Effortless casting of soft plastic and hardbaits to 3/4 oz and superior control at great distance are what what makes this 7’6” a standout but the real hallmark is sensitivity. You know darn well you can launch 1/2 oz lure a long way with a blank like this but can you really feel the bite when your worm settles to the bottom in 35 feet of water 80 yards down range? Yes, yes you can. Hard specs



Ideal for presenting a medium sized lure to a large sized fish, the 7”6” Medium Heavy plays well with 1/2oz to 1 1/2oz baits while quietly hiding the raw power to handle big snook, bull reds, fluke digging in the sand…all manner of big fish. We tested this blank on king mackerel and red snapper just for fun. Hard specs



With a 610 power rating and an extra fast tip action your mind can start to warp with the possibilities. Wanna cast a 2oz plastic eel in front of a cruising cobia. OK. How ‘bout a juicey soft plastic mullet ahead of a shallow water tarpon. OK. Or maybe you just want to yank the lips off a bass in some really nasty hydrilla. You pick. Hard specs



Made for “light flippin'” this blank has way more potential. Great for big-lipped baits, mid-sized swim baits, heavier spoons in saltwater. More traditional moderate action with legendary POINT Blank low end power.




Let’s be clear, this is a DOUBLE Extra Heavy 7ft 6” POINT Blank with a moderate action. It takes 1065 grams of weight (2.5lbs) to pull the tip down 25 inches from a level position. This blank is not for your sister. It’s at it’s very best casting Umbrella Rigs and it will do it with a vengeance. Unlike the heavy, parabolic glass/graphite composite models that require special casting techniques, you can fully load and cast this blank with nothing but a little extra “hang down” and a well timed forward cast. Pop open a beer and wait for your A-rig to hit water. Hard specs



The Flippin’ Stick. A 3.35oz blank that stores 1150 grams of power! Kinda scary. Kinda fun. This blank will dead lift 22lbs off the floor but we recommend a net on a 22 lb bass. Hard specs


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