If you’re working medium sized baits through cover and need added length to “pop” lures over structure or ease a grub over an oyster shell, the 731 series is hard to beat. It’s also the pick for launching jerkbaits, twitch baits and midsized-cranks l-o-n-g distances in open water and having the rod length to work those baits properly at the far end of the cast. Overall, a powerhouse capable of small lure presentations to big fish. A slightly more moderate action than other POINT Blanks. Hard specs



We have a heated love affair going on with the 731MXF. Around Lower Alabama the popping cork is king as it is in many places from here to North Carolina. The 731MXF is hands down the best popping cork blank anyone around here has ever picked up. It’s a special blank that can launch a cork followed by 2 to 3 feet of “hang-down” leader with a spilt shot and live shrimp. Drifting with the wind we can put a cork 75 yards down range without whipping the shrimp off the hook. Special. It’s also a great spinnerbait blank as well as a grubs, soft plastic jerks, walking bait or chugger blank, easily handling lures to 3/4 oz. Hard specs



At the MH point we are bumping up power by 75 grams and entering the “World of Winch”. The PB731MH easily handles baits to 1 1/4 oz and matches the chunking power with fish turning power that makes it equally at home with a heavy Texas Rigged worm in heavy cover or a hard-charging 25# redfish corralled in shallow water. Tailor made for big spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, frogs in slop, big walkers, and popping corks too. Very close to an Extra Fast action. Hard specs



This blank makes you feel like you’re holding all the cards when a big snook, striper, northern pike, bluefish, redfish, permit, – or even a small to medium tarpon crushes any bait up to 2 oz. Great for heavy spoons, big blade spinnerbaits and large soft grubs. Small swimbaits should be on the list as well. Hard specs


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